America's Leading Advisor to Christian Professionals

Grace Stephens wears many hats allowing her to powerfully impact people and organizations throughout the world. Balancing her professional life with her own spiritual journey, Grace strives to support Christian professionals encouraging them to become the salt in their sphere of influence and a light that cannot be hidden. She is a catalyst that helps businesses, corporations and ministries across the globe achieve their highest potential.

Introducing Dr. Grace Stephens, America’s Leading Advisor to Christian Professionals / CEO / Thought Leader / Best-Selling Author / Speaker

Dr. Grace Stephens participates in the ribbon cutting ceremony for Global Christian Professional Women’s Association book launch.

Dr. Grace Stephens delivers the message “Freedom from Failure” at Rise Sunday Service.

NBC Chicago reports on MacCormac College’s prayer initiative designed and led by Dr. Grace Stephens, the school’s Chancellor.

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America's Leading Advisor to Christian Professionals

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